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Cutting blade for automobile genuine leather seat set Tungsten steel cutting blade

Application of products:

Square cutters are mainly used to all kinds of film cutting processing.

Circular knives are mainly used to slitting processing of other materials , like papers, aluminum & platinum, thick pieces and so on.


Specifications of hard alloy made of Ultra fine WC powder:

We use 0.4-1.6um particles which is with high hardness and tenacity. This kind of hard alloy can show best use to customers.

Physical performance will change according to the size of Tungsten Carbide particles.

If they are Ultra fine WC powder, hardness and tenacity will be better.

Besides, when using blades, there will be bigger nicks if it was made of coarse particles. And Ultra fine WC powder will lead to smaller nicks.


HIP Process:

Fine porosity would be remained in Powder metallurgy of processing for Tungsten Carbide, which will be the beginning of destroy of products.

To remove this fine porosity, KENNY produce products through HIP Process.

This process is progressed under the high temperature and pressure, and put the identical pressure on whole surface of product.

At this time, a fine porosity would be removed, and effected on improving high strength. You can see it on below graph.


Check nicks for all products:

In order to supply good blades to customers, we will check all products to see if there were any nicks.

KENNY products are strictly checked over 20 inspection process from powder to completed. We can keep and improve our quality, and are very pleased to hear that customers are satisfied with KENNY stabilized products.


Advantages of  Tungsten Carbide insert:

  • Longer use life than ordinary steel blade ( can be improved up to 600%)
  • Few times of changing blades and high productivity
  • All-over surface finishes reduce friction and clean cutting
  • Set-up and down cost little during cutting