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Nanjing Kenny blade Co. Ltd is located in Jiangsu city of Nanjing Province, is a professional engaged in high-tech development, technical support and technical services of high-tech enterprises. A comprehensive sales and service provider based on the import of mechanical tools and hard alloy tools.
The company spirit of mutual benefit and development, resource sharing, service first principle, relying on Nanjing at the same time, radiation national market today is willing to staff adhere to the "integrity rigorous and realistic progressive unity" principle, continuous innovation, with technical service as the core, depending on the quality of life, from the user as God, wholeheartedly provides the highest price of industrial products customer service and meticulous service for you. Thank you for your guidance, in your earnest expectations, the company all my colleagues will be your inspiration for the driving force to jointly establish a sincere cooperation and sincere friendship and friendship.
Nanjing Machine Tool Co. Ltd is a professional agent is willing to force the world's top brand products are widely used in industry and blade, metallurgy, plastics, packaging, electronics, textile, chemical fiber, daily necessities, such as lithium battery industry in a variety of single or composite cutting (strip), crushing granulation services.
Our business philosophy:
Customer service first, adhere to long-term cooperation with you is our target all along. Select the most suitable blade for the customers to solve the production process to provide the production efficiency, reduce the product scrap rate. Your difficulties, we jointly explore the best solution. Your problem is not only the challenge to our work, but also to our motivation.
The challenge we face: no secret material. The real secret is to carefully consider the choice of material and its optimization based on your cutting requirements and cutting conditions and the production situation.
Our goal: to enable you to complete the entire cutting process with the lowest cost and the best quality. We are in the pursuit of the highest precision and top quality - from the first blade to the 1000000th.
Our services: to provide standardized products, the minimum supply volume = 1; the other to provide non-standard product customization and blade repair service.
Our materials include:
carbon steel
Stainless steel and stainless steel
HSS high speed steel
Cemented carbide
Chisel tool steel
The thickness of the thin 0.08 and the top hardness of 40 - 92 HRc between the material
Welcome to inquire about other situations of our enterprise. Welcome to establish contact with us immediately! National 400 free service hotline: 4006025182